CD – Hevhetia


A remarkable new CD-project of Julo Fujak with Ondrej Veselý on several tracks

CD – Hevhetia HV 0155-2-331

  1. Oľga Kroupová: Eo ipso 
    Ondrej Veselý (gui), Marián Lejava (dir.), Slovak State Philharmonic Košice

EO IPSO is a remarkable project of contemporary music which consists of an eponymous composition for guitar and symphony orchestra, the work was written by the Slovak composer Oľga Kroupová and the soloist is the young guitarist Ondrej Veselý.

CD – Real Music House 2393-007-2

A unique CD is featuring Slovak soprano singer Eva Šušková and music for singer and electronics.

Veselý plays guitar on track number 8:

Július Fujak: Nowhere 
Eva Šušková (v), Ondrej Veselý (gui), Július Fujak (bgui, C*, pseudoharmónium), Ján Boleslav Kladivo (C*)

EP - Sony Music Entertainment - Digital release



The live recording of this unique ensemble
(Yo-Yo Ma, Odair & Sérgio Assad, Kathryn Stott and Joseph Gramley). EP contains Ondrej Vesely´s arrangement of "The Last Song" originally written by Clarice Assad for piano solo.


Track number 6:

Clarice Assad: The Last Song (arr. Ondrej Vesely)

CD – Vlna 


A collection of rare recordings of Slovak intermedia and experimental composer Julius Fujak.



Veselý plays guitar on track number 16:

Július Fujak: A clown died
Július Fujak (v, cmb), Ondrej Veselý (elgui), Šteko (horselaught)

CD – Hev-Het Tune EH 0047-2-331


Hybrid CD of Július FUJAK with musical works Nitrian Atlantises, Oxoxox, Gunman, Wordless:, and Pseudotic encore.



Veselý plays guitar on track number 1:

Július Fujak: Nitrian Atlantises

(various performers)

CD – Hev-Het Tune EH 0046-2-331


NE:BO:DAJ offers transversal pilgrimage through

an infinite musical universe. They create movement

from abstract music to corporeal one, from static

forms to dynamic ones, from strict composition 

to free improvisation, creating a simultaneously special

fusion of them.



Veselý plays guitar and double-bass on track

number 10 Milan Adamčiak: Transfigurazioni 
Jana Ambrózová (v, vn), Július Fujak (semi-ppf),

Andrej Pleštinský (v, ac), Milan Adamčiak (spk),

Ondrej Veselý (gui, cb)

CD – AZYL Music R266 0023-2-331


The Debut of Slovak alternative and polystyle Trio Ne:Bo:Daj.



Veselý plays guitar on track number 17:

Július Fujak:  Ver 
Jana Ambrózová (v, vn, dra), Július Fujak (pf, v), Andrej Pleštinský (ac, v), Ondrej Veselý (gui)

CD – AZYL Music R266 0024-2-331


The profile CD of Slovak composer Peter Machajdík.

CD contains composition Silent Wanderings written and dedicated to Ondrej Veselý.



Veselý plays guitar on track number 6:

Peter Machajdík: Silent Wanderings 
Ondrej Veselý (